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Hiring Foreign Workers

Agensi Pekerjaan Cosmoten Sdn Bhd had vast experience in recruitment of foreign workers for Manufacturing, Construction, Plantation, Agriculture, and Services industries.  We had established  and partnered with Overseas foreign worker agencies to facilitate and placement competence foreign workers according to employer requirement.  Over the past few years, Cosmoten has received the trust of our clients due to our ability to render quality and reliable manpower services.  Many employers tied up with us more than ten years and introduced their business associate to us.  And also many foreign workers refer friends and family came to work in Malaysia.

Four Main Industry Sectors For Foreign Workers Work In Malaysia

Construction Worker

Manufacturing Worker

Plantation Worker

Service Worker

We provide professional services to assist and guide our clients (employers)  to apply foreign worker approval letter from JTK (Department of Labour Penisular Malaysia) and KDN (Ministry of Home Affairs) .   We would ensure our clients had complied JTK and KDN rules  in order to obtain approval quota of foreign workers within the time frame.  We provide Free Consultant Services to our clients want to know more about application and recruitment of foreign workers for every sectors.

We provide offer complete manpower services to our clients:

  • Foreign worker management services
  • Providing guidance of  foreign workers’ application from relevant authorities
  • Providing preparation of Attestation Documents are required by respective foreign embassies   
  • Liaising with foreign manpower agencies for foreign workers’ recruitment according to employer requirement
  • Registered and monitored medical check up (FOMEMA) for foreign workers to ensure according to procedures
  • Providing foreign insurance for  Hospitalisation and Surgical Scheme For Foreign Workers (SKHPPA)
  • Providing insurance guarantee
  • Providing transportation and airfare for deployment and repatriation of foreign workers
  • Providing guidance for  foreign worker work permit renewal
  • Providing guidance for foreign passport extension
  • Providing guidance for application of check-out memo (C.O.M)
  • Providing translation and counseling for foreign workers
  • Providing guidance for funeral service and repatriation of body from the caused of accidental death
  • Providing housing and hostel service for foreign workers

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Agensi Pekerjaan Cosmoten Sdn Bhd
We provide consultation service for hiring foreign workers or recruitment of foreign workers

We provide consultation services to employers for hiring foreign workers or recruiting foreign workers in Construction, Manufacturing, Plantation/Agriculture, and Service Industries.

Employers are required to obtain final approval letter or quota from KDN in order to be eligible to hire foreign workers or recruitment from overseas source countries.  The following is process flow chart for recruitment of foreign workers:

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