Foreign Worker Insurance

  • Foreign Workers Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA)

  • Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)

Insurance is essential for employers to protects foreign workers from accident and sicknes liabilities.  With the right foreign workers insurance scheme in place, employer can stay in control and manage possible issues effectively.  

Foreign Workers Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA)

A yearly renewable hospital and surgical insurance designed to reduce the financial burden of the employer of foreign workers in the event of hospital admission to a Non-Corporatised Malaysian Government Hospital due to an accident or illness.

Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG)

This guarantee is required by the Immigration department from an Employer under Regulation 21 of the Immigration Regulations. It guarantees to pay the Director General of Immigration of Malaysian up to a maximum aggregate sum of the guarantee value, in the event that anyone of foreign workers be repatriated in the course of stay in Malaysia.

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