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We are a house maid agency in Malaysia and is one of the market leaders that have been in the business for almost 20 years. Our clients are served and catered by our professional and experienced staffs as well as our training personnel to ensure that we will provide only outstanding maid services around Klang Valley and nearby states. We assured that our service will always be pristine and finest to our clients.

Agensi Pekerjaan Cosmoten Sdn Bhd, a maid agency service that is based in Puchong, Selangor, is here to cater your house chores needs. Our Filipino domestic helpers and Indonesian domestic helpers (house maids) are well-trained, reliable, efficient and trust-worthy. Strict training with certificates upon completion is given to Filipino housemaids, while firm and informative in-house trainings are given to Indonesian housemaids.

If you are looking for a housekeeper, nanny, caregiver or cook – let us know; our house maid agency service will always be glad to assist and serve you to bring satisfaction to your house hold needs.

Washing Cloth

Cleaning Toilet

Washing Dishes

Take Care Baby

Our Complete Maid Agency Services

  • Processing & handling maid application of labour department approval letter
  • Processing & handling maid documentation for embassy
  • Processing & handling maid document foreign ministry department
  • Processing & handling FWCMS online maid application
  • Obtain maid approval letter from & paid levy to immigration department
  • Arranging Transportation for Maid arrival and repatriation
  • Providing refreshment briefing and training for new arrival maid
  • Provide FOMEMA medical registration and Medical check up
  • Look after maid well being or welfare during employment period
  • Provide renewal maid work permit services
  • Processing Maid Check Out Memo (C.O.M) and Special Pass SP when necessary
  • Provide assistance for maid Passport Renewal
  • Provide consultation for appealing rejected maid application
  • Provide application & handling extension maid employment contract from embassy
  • Process application & handling Holiday letter from embassy

Indonesian Maids

Filipino Maids

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